Tech Help for Parents and Students

To access Orchard Park School resources online at home, students must be accessing websites via a Google Chrome browser.

Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are not suggested due to compatibility issues.Don't have Google Chrome? Download it here first.

Step 1: Student Signs in to Google Chrome

To login to the OP Clever application portal, students must first be logged into the Chrome browser using their school Google credentials (directions below).


For example:

Password: (provided to students at school)

Log into Chrome.pdf

How to Log in to Chrome at Home

This document will show you how to log in to a Chrome browser at home.

Video Tutorial

This video will show you how to log in to Google Chrome at home.

Step 2: Student logs in to CLEVER Portal.

Students can access the educational sites used at OP by logging into the Orchard Park Clever Application Portal.

or type this URL:

Once logged into Google Chrome, students can login instantly to the OP Clever page by selecting “Login to Clever” bookmark in Chrome (pictured below).