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One Teacher  Can Make All the Difference for Connecting a Student to a Lifetime of Learning!!!

My Educational Background

Dr. Leslie A. Birdon is an award-winning twice National Board Certified educator with over 25 years of experience which includes both rural and urban settings. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry, a Master of Arts with an emphasis in Science Education from the University of Texas and a doctorate from American College of Education in curriculum and instruction with a STEM emphasis.     Dr. Birdon advocated at the school, district, and state level to help write and implement standards and curriculum as a District Lead Science Teacher and State Science Teacher Leader Advisor for the Louisiana Department of Education for three years.  She has presented over 20 times throughout the United States on various topics related to scientific inquiry, literacy, Response to Intervention, effective data analysis, professional learning communities, instructional coaching/mentoring, and school improvement for such organizations as the National Science Teachers Association, NBCT Louisiana Leadership and American Research Educational Association.  In 2023, Dr. Birdon was awarded the Rayma Harchar Outstanding Research Paper Award for her dissertation research on scientific inquiry. She has written a national blog article for the Achieve the Core website called Welding Literacy into Scientific Instruction.  Dr. Birdon currently serves as the local education agency representative for Louisiana Educational Research Association. Her greatest joy of education is “to teach students to see the vitality in themselves.”  

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National Board Certification Advocacy: "How She Took the LEAP"

Research Development

2022 Peer Institute- Professional Development for Emerging Educational Researchers-Chicago, Illinois

2023 Rayma Harchar Outstanding Research Paper Award- Louisiana Research Educational Association

Example Presentations

2023 "Teacher Perception on Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning Approaches" American Educational Research Association National Conference- Chicago, Illinois

2023 "Developing a Reading Literacy Initiative through STEAM" Louisiana ACT State Summit- Baton Rouge, Louisiana

2023 "Teacher Perception on Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning to Underrepresented STEM Populations" Louisiana Educational Research Association Conference- Lafayette, Louisiana

2022 "Engaging Students with Digital Notebooks" LACUE Conference- New Orleans, Louisiana

2020      “Developing a Reading Literacy Initiative through STEAM” National Science Teacher Association Conference- Boston, Massachusetts (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

2019    “Creating Culturally Diverse Classroom for All Student in Science”  National Science Teacher Association Conference-St. Louis, Missouri

2018     “Understanding the Science Scope and Sequence to Plan Daily Instruction 6-8: Full Day Session”  Louisiana Department of Education-  2018 Teacher Leader Summit- New Orleans

2018 "Embedding Literacy into Scientific Content" SmartBrief STEM Education- New York

2018     “Webinar Series on Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom for Student Achievement”  Louisiana Association of Educators- Statewide

2017     “Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Praxis I”  Louisiana Association of Educators- Statewide

2017    “Train the Trainers- Closing the Achievement Gap through Culturally Responsive Classrooms”  Louisiana Association of Educators- Baton Rouge

2017-    “Preparing Veteran Teachers through National Board Certification Jumpstart”  Louisiana Association of Educators-Baton Rouge and Shreveport

2016   “Thinking Outside the Box: Effective Questioning Techniques for Engaging Students”                                              LSTA/LMTA Joint Conference- Louisiana

2016     “Effective Scaffolding for Engaging Students in Active Conversation through Socratic Seminar”                                        LSTA/LMTA Joint Conference- Louisiana

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PLC Video Example

In our PLCs, we are improving the learning environment through different technological applications as a team.

Professional Learning Community Purpose

In these professional learning communities, teachers refine their instructional practices so students receive the needed tools for academic success.  As a school, we meet on a weekly basis to reflect and discuss the learning environment to impact learning through content, thinking, emotional support, and reflection.


Teachers discuss ways to blend literacy strategies into their content area.


Creating unique learning opportunities where collaboration is explored and appreciated for creative problem-solving.

Emotional Support

Learning how to embed social-emotional learning components is critical to teaching the whole child through such frameworks as Know Do Be .


Educators must feel that they can reflect on educational issues to improve and refine instructional practices through discussion.



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