Standards Revision Guidelines

APPROVED BY the Board of Public Education on November 18, 2016


The Board of Public Education sets forth the following process to guide content standards revision.

1. In cooperation with the Board of Public Education, the Office of Public Instruction will facilitate a period of research and review of existing content standards according to the schedule established in this document.

2. With participation from content experts and representatives from accredited schools, the Office of Public Instruction will facilitate the creation of proposed revisions to the content standards.

3. The Office of Public Instruction will facilitate the establishment of negotiated rulemaking committees and the creation of economic impact statements required in §20-7-101, MCA. At the conclusion of the negotiated rulemaking process, the Superintendent of Public Instruction will make a recommendation for adoption of proposed content standards to the Board of Public Education.

4. The Board of Public Education, with the assistance of the Office of Public Instruction, may initiate administrative rulemaking that includes:

a. Adopting a rulemaking timeline;

b. Publishing proposed revisions;

c. Publishing notices of a comment period and a public hearing;

d. Responding to public comment; and

e. Acting to adopt, adopt as revised, or not adopt proposed content standards.


The Board of Public Education sets forth the following guidelines for content standards revision:

1. Standards will define what all students should know and be able to do;

2. Standards will be challenging and rigorous;

3. Standards will be clear, understandable, and free of jargon;

4. Standards will be measurable;

5. Standards will address diversity, specifically fulfilling the commitment to implementing Indian Education for All;

6. Standards will be consistent with the grade level and grade band structures in ARM Chapter 53; and

7. Content standards will be consistent with the program delivery standards described in ARM Chapter 55.


With the purpose of engaging in a transparent and inclusive process, the Board of Public Education sets forth the following considerations for the Office of Public Instruction to incorporate when recommending standards revision:

 Consider comments and recommendations from the Montana public;

 Consider international, national, and other states’ standards;

 Consider implications for program delivery standards (ARM Chapter 55) and licensure standards (ARM Chapter 57);

 Consider implications for local and state assessments;

 Consider entrance expectations for workplace and post-secondary education;

 Consider student achievement and other related data;

 Consider other evidence-based practices and research on standards and learning

expectations from regional, national, and international professional education


 Consider comments from Montana’s professional education associations;

 Consider comments from tribal and school district educators;

 Consider comments from Montana’s institutions of higher education and the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education; and

 Consider recommendations from the Montana Advisory Council for Indian Education and Certification Standards and Practices Advisory Council.

Pursuant to Art. X, sec. 1(2) of the Montana Constitution and §20-1-501 and §20-9-309(2)(c), MCA, the implementation of these standards must incorporate the distinct and unique cultural heritage of American Indians.