Open-Eyed Productions was founded in 2003 by Lindsey B. Williams for the purposes of materializing a book she wrote called 'Ebony Project'. In late 2010, several pieces of software intended for that production spilled into the greater Film & Media Industry and soon its founder was whisked away on An Unexpected Journey. There was an unfortunate gap of time till production restarted on 'Ebony Project' ...which has become a point of contention for the field at large.

"Open-Eyed Productions" was originally a blog hosted on Blogger.com (openeyedproductions.blogger.com). This was eventually privatized at some point in 2017/2018. ( I honestly can't remember but I could look it up if I had to. )

Lindsey B. Williams


On the surface, I'm an eccentric fantasy author and a self-taught artist & computer scientist, which, all things considered, has been wildly successful. I began my career by being tricked into working for Mike De Seve on his award-winning iPad graphic novel OPERATION AJAX by Cognito Comics. Soon after I would manage an industry incident between his former employer, DreamWorks-SKG, and WETA Digital, Ltd. to end up working on THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY and, in the process, become influential in their quickly growing Research & Development group. Most in the field know me as the author to the notorious fantasy epic, EBONY PROJECT, and for going up against some of the top executives, producers, and litigators in the entertainment industry.

On a personal note, I frequently lose track of time and, while you'd never guess it, I'm most likely one of the most disheveled germaphobes in the United States. My former California apartment's belongings are all still in boxes, precariously stacked in my childhood bedroom, in hopes that one of the dozens of job interviews I've had over the last four years pays off. I suppose it's out of shame, inertia, laziness, or even humbling contentment, that I have largely designed my life to not venture far beyond a keyboard.