2023 - Pricing

Prices  Info

Prices are in £ or Great British Pounds (GBP) but prices in $ US Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR) can be provided if required.

Crypto such as Monero, Bitcoin, Ethreum are accepted alongside Gold/Silver/Platinum - Bar/Coinage are also accepted at market value or face value within the UK.

Photography & Videography 

Events  £50-300

Weddings  £350

Live Music - £35/hour

Travel/Expenses are billed at cost depending on the requirements.

Archival Services

Indexing & Offline Archival Systems - £100-5000 For full scope indexing of current exsisting media and or developmet of a ingest workflow solution.

Gear Rental

My rental packages and pricing can be found on Fat Llama.

Tape Media

MiniDV & Digital8: - £6 per tape (DV/DVCAM/HDV)

VHS/SVHS -  £15 per tape 

If the media is damaged or has mould additional handling fees may apply depending on the scope of work which will be provided before media is processed.

Delivery Media

We offer physical media delivery to solid optical archival formats, HDD/SSD drives, LTO5 or Cloud downloads.

Barter & Trade 

We believe in real trade, we will barter in goods and services.

Can't afford to do a wall or tower of shoe boxes of tapes in cash

Well check this doc out! 

Flexible Payment Plans 

We understand some people cant afford to do dosens of tapes and will want to go cheeper so we offer reasonable weeky / bi-weekly / monthly payments