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Delivering the Overpowering Quality Of the 21st Century at Reasonable Costs

Need a quick and direct quote for your media? Just email harry@opcomedia.com to get started! 

The UK & Europe's only digitization service providing fully lossless FM RF signal transfers of analogue tape media.

We can convert analogue & digital video tapes to modern archive standards for everyone.

A Service That Values Quality Not Profit.

Starting in 2018 as a simple archival hobby, fuelled by an abundance of free time and a few spare 10TB drives, I found myself documenting things properly from uncompressed audio to 200mbps 4k smartphone footage, and the joy of DNG raw photos, the digital era has never been easier and more affordable and I urge you to make the most of it! 

After I discovered a box of master VHS tapes recorded by my grandfather with over 100 hours of footage on a terrible camcorder, I went on a long adventure of analogue archival and helped standardize workflows for new modern methods to find a way to squeeze every bit of quality and information out of them, working on the VHS-Decode & HiFi-Decode projects has allowed for a new and more brutally efficient way to deal with the analogue media of old, copy the source and do the rest in software.

Now after 4 years of going down many rabbit holes and helping push the revolution of FM RF capture and the software decoding of analogue media, I'm happy to offer my services to the world at competitive rates both domestically and internationally so anyone without the hardware or time can have the opportunity to save their analogue memories.