On Target Training


Thank you for your interest in On Target Training. Over the past five years, I have trained over 100 individuals to use firearms safely and accurately. Please navigate through this site to find the best course or services that fit your needs.


Safety is at the core of every training that I offer. During our classroom and range sessions you will learn practices to keep yourself and those around you safe.


The objective of every training is to improve the proficiency and precision of each person. Novice and advanced shooters will improve their skill set by the end of the course.


I promise to share everything I can to improve your skills. Upon successful completion of you will recieve an NRA certificate and feel comfortable to share what you learned with your friends and family.

Basic Pistol Student

Joseph Taormina

Basic Pistol Student


20 Shots @ 7 yards - Qualified at Level III

New Jersey CCW Student

Zach VanMeter

NJ CCW Student


58/60 Shots from 1 yard to 25 yards

97% - Qualified to Apply for the Hard to Get NJCCW Permit