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student-centered education

Our #1 priority at OSSD is to provide the best, student-centered education possible for our community. When making decisions, the underlying principle that guides our actions is that students come first, no matter what. We strive to provide an individualized education for each student based on their unique needs. 

We're a team

From our athletic teams to our academic teams, we work together to achieve our goals. Our teachers and paraprofessionals work hand in hand to deliver high-quality instruction and interventions to meet the academic needs of our students. Our principals and district staff work together to provide all necessary resources to ensure our students are successful.

Teachers have the tools they need

OSSD takes pride in the fact that our instructional staff has the tools they need to provide a high-quality educational experience for our students. All classrooms have state-of-the-art technology including Promethean ActivPanels and student devices. Teachers receive $500 in classroom supply money and have access to additional funds at the school level. 

OSSD is a great place to work

Statements from teachers who have worked in other districts:
"Oneida does a better job supporting teachers than the other districts I have worked in."
"Oneida takes a lot of pride in their teachers, staff, students, and the education they provide, and rightly so."
"Oneida is by far the best district for teachers and students."
"Oneida has so much more to offer. I love how Oneida seems to realize, they are just children."

community partnerships

Community partnerships and stakeholder involvement is vital to our success. OSSD works with dozens of community-based organizations and individuals who share a common goal - to make our schools the best they can be!


We want our students and staff to have the best possible conditions in which to learn and work. We have a policy of maintaining our facilities in "like new" condition. The district dedicates all necessary resources to ensure our students and staff can be proud of their schools.