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We've moved to weekly Life Group meetings


With the shift of the all of the church services and activities online and the desire to be a church where “no one walks alone,” we are requesting that our One Community Church life groups meet weekly using video conference. We believe that this is a time where we need to be more connected as shelter in place can be a very lonely and challenging time for many. This is a time where life groups can really shine!


We have prepared a guide with different options intended to help you prepare and facilitate your group meetings.

COVID-19 LG Options.pdf

Additional Announcements...

  • Register for Life Group Leader Quick Start, Level 100 and 200 Leader Training! All Leaders are required to complete Quick Start Training before taking Level 100 and Level 200 Training. Please be sure you complete these trainings to ensure that our groups are repeatable and aligned with Pastor's Vision for Life Groups at OCC. Due to COVID-19 precautions, any scheduled training will be conducted via video-conference for the foreseeable future.

  • Outreach information: See the Outreach page under the Resources tab above to find volunteer opportunities for your Life Group.

  • Leadership podcast: Check out Pastor Conway's podcast, The Leadership Roundtable. This podcast will take you on a journey to explore different leadership challenges. Click here to listen and subscribe.

God's Vision for Community

Pastor Matt shares "The 5 Whys for Community" and how we can engage with them as Life Group Leaders.

These additional resources are available to you: