Monetize Stranded Natural Gas   ♦   Reduce Production Water Costs   ♦   Increase Revenue   ♦   Improve Sustainability

Revolutionizing oil and gas production with Omega Watts Energy

Discover how Omega Watts Energy helps O&G producers
• Reduce production water costs by 20% to 50%.
• Earn revenue for stranded wells and flare gas.
• Repurpose methane from landfills and profit from LFG
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Save on Production Water costs

LFG Sustainability Project supporting mobile data centers

LFG Sustainability Project supporting mobile data centers and greenhouse

Methane Sustainability Project
(waste water treatment plant)

•  Keep the oil wells operating
•  Onsite power from stranded natural gas
•  Monetize orphaned wells and flare gas
•  Heat recapture/reuse

•  Onsite production water mitigation
•  Reduce costs of trucking production water
•  Convert production water into vapor
•  Repurpose evaporated water

•  Supports sustainability
•  Onsite greenhouse agri-businesses
•  Fresh water for farming
•  Fresh water reservoir and green spaces