A warm welcome to from us to you. Whānau looking to enrol their child can do so by visiting our school office.

Our home zone boundaries are as follows:

  • Tasman Drive to Hull Road;
  • Hull Road (both sides) to Maunganui Road;
  • Maunganui Road (No. 480) to Clyde Street;
  • Clyde Street (both sides) to Marine Parade;
  • Marine Parade (No.180) to Oceanbeach Road;
  • Oceanbeach Road (both sides to No. 273 and 248) to Concord Avenue;
  • Concord Avenue (both sides) to Maunganui Road (No. 633).
  • The southern boundary extends across Golf Course/Airport land to Tasman Drive and includes Whareroa Marae.

From time to time, we do have spaces for an Out of Zone (OOZ) enrolment which is done by ballot where needed. Out of zone families can fill in an OOZ form available at our school office.

International Students

We are not accredited to take International Students /Non residents of NZ.


We ask for all local families to pre-enrol 9 months in advance. This helps us with our staffing plan, particularly for new entrant 5 year olds. Enrolment packs are available at our school office.


We need copies of birth certificates, immunisation information, passport and visa if coming from outside NZ.


Upon your child's enrolment at Omanu School, you will have signed a form informing us of your permission for use of your child photographs, work, accessing of internet, etc. These forms are in the last few pages of this booklet.

Transition visits for New Entrant 5 year olds

These are each Friday morning from the start of the school day (8.55am) through until the end of morning interval (10.50). We recommend two visits before your child starts and more if needed.

Declaration of residence

Families are required to bring a copy of a power bill to show proof of address when enrolling and signing the declaration form on the last few pages of this booklet. If renting, we also require a copy of your tenancy agreement to ensure you are living in our school zone for a permanent amount of time, not for a short time to gain a place at Omanu School. Renting a bach or staying with a family friend/in a friend’s holiday home while looking for a place to live does not count as living permanently in zone.


He aroha whakatō he aroha puta mai

If kindness is sown then kindness you shall receive