Physical Education

Welcome back to the most awesome school in the Ocean State.

I know that you all have been religiously exercising daily, eating proper meals in acceptable portions, and getting the required amount of sleep (8-9 hours). So that when you arrive to my PE class, you will be in mid season form.

Please come to PE dressed in your gym uniforms on your appointed day with acceptable footwear- no crocs, flip-flops or Uggs. For safety reasons, please have your laces tied tightly. Lower grades especially, please learn how to tie your laces tightly. Water bottles are encouraged for outdoor PE at all times, but due to spillage, for indoor PE, please leave them in the classroom. Please let me know if your child requires an Epi-pen for allergic reactions.

If a student has to miss PE for some reason, just a short note with an explanation is asked for. If it is more of a medical issue, broken bones for example, a return to activity note from a doctor is required. Remember, if a doctor's note takes a student out of class, a doctor's note is needed to get the student back into class.

Let's keep everyone safe and have a great school year!