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These flyers have been approved by the Superintendent's office for distribution in the Marion, Mattapoisett & Rochester schools.

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Updated 06/13/23

MATTREC Summer offerings 2023.docx
ORYF Flyer.pdf
2023 Kids Paint Harbor Days Flyer.pdf
2023 BBMF Poster.pdf
ORYF Cheer.pdf
BBMF_Kid invite_2023.pdf
MNHM Coastal Explorations Summer Program_Flyer_2023.pdf
Tabor Academy 2023.pdf
MATTREC Spring Summer Program Guide 2023.docx
Summer 2023 OBC Youth Program Flyer.pdf
CCAS Summer Art Camp 2023.pdf
STEM Camp Flyer.pdf
Art Camp Flyer K Pike.pdf
TdC Registration Flyer PRINT.pdf
Extended Year Flyer with EnglishSpanishPortuguese (1).pdf
Fashion Design Workshop Flyer.pdf
group class photo flyer general.pdf
Fairhaven Acushnet springrecflyer.pdf
Quahog 2023 Flyer.pdf
TAB Student Space Flyer.pdf
Abington Bank Student Checking (2).pdf
Abington Bank Student Checking.pdf