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✓ 4/23 Tues // Poster Signing Night: 6 pm - 9 pm // Bring pens not Sharpies

5/3 Fri // Cabaret: 6 pm

5/4 Sat // Banquet: 4 - 8 pm

5/23 Thurs // F.O.R.D. Award Committee Meeting

5/30 Thurs // ORRHS Senior Awards Night

Photo & story credit: Jean Perry of TheWanderer

"Anything Goes" - SPRING 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to the Cast, Crew, Volunteers who participated in what hundreds of happy audience members saw onstage.

Also, THANK YOU to the family members who repeatedly drove back and forth, donated their time, labor and more to make it possible for their kids to take part in this amazing musical production.

Thank you to Director, Jacob Sherburne (you will now be introduced to your family, again) and Susan Botelho, our tireless and TALENTED Choreographer.

Drama Mamas & Papas, thank you for your hard work & enthusiasm.

You are all "THE TOP!" <3