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OKCPS 2023-2024 student code of conduct
The Code of Conduct is approved by our District Board of Education and outlines the expectations for adult and student behavior on all of our OKCPS campuses. The information in the Code of Conduct is reviewed each year by a committee of teachers, administrators, ILDs, Directors, Assistant Superintendents and AFT representatives.

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Dr. Sean McDaniel

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Access the full expectations and
Student Code of Conduct here

STUDENT / FAMILY Student Code of Conduct 2023-24

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Seven Levels of Misconduct

Defining the Seven Levels
The Student Code of Conduct has seven levels of misconduct. All levels should be reviewed by students and their families. If an act of misconduct takes place, it will be classified into one of the levels and a disciplinary action will be considered.

Our goal is to implement supportive measures for our students when they violate the Student Code of Conduct.  However, to ensure safety for all of our students we must take behaviors involving threats, assault, fighting, drugs, and weapons of any kind seriously and will implement consequences immediately. At the end of our Student Code of Conduct document, you will find the possible disciplinary actions for Elementary and Secondary students. The disciplinary action is based on the severity or repetitiveness of an incident that jeopardizes school safety and the learning environment.

Levels 1-2 

Behavior that is disruptive to self with minimal impact on others. 

Level 3 

Behavior that is repeated or significant level one or two infractions. This would include disordered behavior toward another student, staff, volunteer, etc.

Level 4 

Behavior that is repeated or significant level three infractions. Examples include behaviors targeted at others or interfering with safety equipment.

Level 5  

Behavior that is repeated or significant level four infractions. This includes negative behaviors targeted at others and impacting the learning environment.

Levels 6 - 7 

Behavior that is dangerous and significantly impacts the learning environment. Affects multiple students and staff.