6th Grade

Mrs. Clark & Mr. Gausling

Cloverland Elementary

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We look forward to getting to know you and working together for a successful school year. If you are reading this before school starts, we hope you are enjoying a safe and relaxing summer. If you are reading this just as school is starting, we wish you the best luck as you start your final elementary year at Cloverland!

Ear Buds

Each student will need a set of personal earbuds to keep at school. If you are unable to supply your own, please let us know and we will be sure you have a pair. It is expected that every student has these available on any given day.

School Supplies

Students will be provide all the necessary supplies for the school year. However, if you would like to purchase your own, these are things we will be using: 2 inch binder, dividers, pencils, highlighter, dry erase markers, and a pencil pouch for binder. Students will carry these materials with them in their own backpack. Desk storage will be limited to class textbooks, computer mice and headphones.


Homework is assigned every night, Monday through Thursday. It could take up to an hour to complete. Each night there will be math practice and reading and/or writing assigned. Science and Social Studies will be assigned as well. Any unfinished class work is expected to be completed in addition to the daily homework. A parent signature in the planner is also required. Not sure what was assigned? Check out the Google Classroom and Google Calendar from your class.