Use this page to explore resources dealing with Remote Instruction during the 2020-2021 school year. To view the resources, click on one of the videos or links found below.

Google Classroom: Part 1

This video is the first in a series of four videos exploring the use of Google Classroom in Ohio County's Remote Instruction. Part one focuses on the teacher setup of Google Classroom and Google Meet. If you have trouble viewing the video on YouTube, click here to view the video on Google Drive. [Video Duration: 10 minutes]

This video has been revised to include steps you can take to keep students from joining Google Meet sessions without you. You can skip directly to the revision by clicking here.

Google Classroom: Part 2

Part 2 looks at how students can utilize a district Chromebook to join the Google Classroom created in Part 1. If you have trouble viewing the video on YouTube, click here to view it on Google Drive. [Video Duration: 4 minutes]

Google Classroom: Part 3

Part 3 explores the integration between Google Meet and Google Classroom. You also are guided through a sample lesson through the eyes of the teacher and the student. If you have trouble viewing the video on YouTube, click here to view it on Google Drive. [Video Duration: 17 minutes]

Google Classroom: Part 4

Part 4 shows teachers how to add a recording of a live session to an existing Google Classroom Assignment for asynchronous remote learning. Grading within Google Classroom is explored. If you have trouble viewing the video on YouTube, click here to view it on Google Drive. [Video Duration: 6 minutes]

Additional Teacher Resources

Screen Recording

Use Quicktime on your Mac to capture your whole screen

The short video will show you how to create a screen recording using the QuickTime player which is a standard application on your teacher Mac. You will also learn where to find the application on you Mac and how to keep it active in your dock

Record notes using your ActivBoard and Google Jamboard

Each classroom in the district is equipped with an ActivBoard which can be used in conjunction with a screen recording program to capture notes for your students. These video notes can then be saved and shared with students via Google Classroom. Google Jamboard is an online interactive whiteboard that can be used with your Activboard or with a touchscreen device (Chromebook). You can learn more about Google Jamboard here.

Resize your screen recording to create better video guides

In this video I use an Chrome extension called Window Resizer. I often resize my browser windows prior to creating step-by-step guides so that the resulting video will look better on a wide variety of devices, from phone to large monitor. The full screen recordings used in the previous sections look fine when viewing on a computer screen but can look very small on smaller tablets or phones.

Other screen recording options

I realize that not everyone will be using the classroom Mac to create digital content for NTI. Chrome has several extensions that will allow you to record your screen for free, however there are limitations with each free option. Some of the extensions I have used include, Screencastify, Loom, and Screencast-O-Matic. Of those three, Screencastify is the one I used most often due to its fairly seamless integration with Google Drive, but the free version limits your videos to 5 minutes in duration. Five minutes might not sound like much but there is ample research that suggests that the most engaging videos range from 3-6 minutes.

Learn more about Screencastify from Eric Curts

Loom now provides verified educators with free Pro accounts.

Watch Video: Overview of Loom Pro

Download: Loom Desktop App

Learn: How and When to Use Loom

GoogLE meet

The following information is from Eric Curts.

Google Hangouts Meet is a great tool for schools for remote instruction, after-hours help, virtual parent meetings, bringing an expert into class, connecting with other classes around the world, or recording lessons.

To help schools make the most out of Meet, I have put together a series of videos on how to use this tool. My goal for these videos is to keep them as short as possible, and have each one cover just a few topics. This way users can find just the information they need and can watch it quickly.

I plan to continue adding more videos to this series, so please let me know what Google Meet topics or questions you would like me to address in a future video. See below for the current list of my Hangouts Meet help videos.

Google Hangouts Meet Help Videos