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Choir Rosters 2022-2023

Thanks to all who auditioned this year! I heard a lot of OUTSTANDING voices, and I am super excited about getting to work with you all next year!

*If you would like to ask me about your placement in a specific group, you may speak to me or email me on Monday, and I’d be happy to explain the factors that went into that decision. Please remember that I do not make these decisions lightly, nor do I appreciate being yelled at. My job is to assemble the best groups of musicians that will sing and work TOGETHER the most beautifully. I am not just looking for the best singer or voice, and there are lots of factors that go into these decisions (maturity, teamwork, responsibility, daily participation, overall attitude, and LOTS more); also remember that I am placing you where I think YOU will be most successful.

Names are listed alphabetically by section, and * indicates section leader.


Soprano 1

Alyssa Bullock, *Elizabeth Johnson, KiLynn Moody, Scarlett Purinton

Soprano 2

Elyssa Lundquist, *Emmalea Munsterman, Hannah Myers, Kelsie Rathert

Alto 1

Lauryn Furney, *Dallas Mays, Amanda Rickey, Makennah Sophy

Alto 2

Trinity Alvested, Emma Gutierrez, *Reagan Medlock, Jaida Starchman

Tenor 1

Cameron Ayres, Casey Gifford, Clayton Stevens, *Stryder Sumy

Tenor 2

Cayden Fain, Colton Friedrich, *Brayden Holt, Leon (Jasper) Lunceford

Bass 1

Jacob Arms, *Darshan Dutel, Jacob Tate, Ethan Unruh

Bass 2

Jaden Hollingsworth, *Matt Steiner, Nick Swan, Lucas Tate


Soprano 1

Eva Hawkins, Jolee Jeffers, Alex (Avari) King, Makayla McCord, Clay (Kaylie) Muska, Cheyanne Strader

Soprano 2

Kayla Jeffers, Karmen Lattie, Emory McDaniel, Isabelle Miles, Coral Mills, Rylie Shonfelt, *Sierra Thompson


Jordyn Beal, Sadie Booth, Arlo Brownlie, *Savannah Buttery, Claire Covey, Brooklyn Couch, Jaylynn Kem, Bella King, Emma Mahan, Lynkyn McElmurry, Alourha Mitchell, Jenna Schwartze, Grace Smith, Kalie Stocklaufer, *Tay Turner


Dallin Dawson, Brett Gillespie, PJ Green, Ryder Trautman


Malakai Butler, Brandon Greer, Cooper Jiron, Josiah Meier


Cheyenne Bowman, Micah Boyer, Heaven Burnett, Erika Collins, Tanli Hall, Kendall Halsey, Rylee Hollingsworth, Madilyn Kidwell, Sierra Knox, Alexis (Jayda) Snyder

*Please email me ASAP if you auditioned, but your name is not one of these lists- hhamblin@odessar7.net

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