Oneida High School

At the high school level, students learn about and explore a diverse range of artists, art materials, and techniques that allow them to develop their skills in critical thinking, visual literacy, and their artistic voice through a hands-on, engaging, supportive, and collaborative studio environment.


Our curriculum focuses on…

·  Developing a lifelong aptitude to learn, explore, create, invent, and reflect.

·       Understanding and applying the elements of art and principles of design

·  Experimenting and creating unique solutions

·  Introducing a wide array of diverse art that fosters equity and inclusivity

·  Empowering students to develop their artistic voice and share it with others, so they   

        can become successful visual communicators and change-makers

·  Understanding the role and importance of art in culture, society, and the world

·  Fostering a life-long love and appreciation for the arts