Assignment 3 - Analysing a Logo

Analysing a logo

  1. What type of company/product do you think this logo would be used for

This logo would be used for a crayon company.

2.) Decide on a name for the company and a tagline.

The name for the company that I could think of is, Crayon Inc. The company’s slogan is “any color, we got it"

3.) Explain how/if the logo above follows the 5 principles of Logo Design. You should have a 1 or 2 line explanation for each principle.

The logo above follows 4 of the 5 principles of effective logo design. The logo is simple and easy to understand. For an example people will easily understand that the logo is a crayon company. The logo is Memorable and people will remember the logo if for an example another person shows them the logo. The logo is timeless and people would remember the logo for many years. The logo is not versatile because the logo is a crayon. So it can’t be used in many ways. The logo is appropriate for all ages and suitable for any person or company.

4.) List 3 artistic techniques that have been used in this logo.

The three artistic techniques that was used in this logo is shading, shapes, curving.

The logo has some shading on the tip of the crayon. The logo has shapes like circles and rectangles to make the crayon. And the person who made this logo used a bit of curving the shapes to make the crayon.