Mr. Armstrong's Grade 4 Class


Welcome back to another school year! For those in the Extended French program, I will be teaching Physical Education, Health, Drama and Dance in the morning. Madame Hawkes will be your child’s French Teacher. I will be teaching your child Mathematics, Language and Religion in the afternoon this year.

Grade 4 is considered a transition year for students. The students will be experiencing blended learning and switching classes in the middle of the day for their afternoon subject areas.

In order to keep you informed about your child’s learning, I will be creating a new website. The website will provide you and your child with learning goals and expectations, curriculum links, important dates, and other resources to assist in your child’s learning. The website will be introduced on curriculum night. A note will be sent home in the event you are not able to attend.

School Supplies

All essential school supplies will be provided to students. A donation of a box of Kleenex and bottle of hand sanitizer per student would be greatly appreciated.


To ease transition from morning to afternoon classes, we are suggesting that junior students (Grade 4-6) bring 2 pair of indoor shoes if possible to school. This way shoes will remain in each class, reducing the number of misplaced/lost shoes throughout the year. Please note that only one pair of athletic shoes with non-marking soles is required for Physical Education. The second pair can be any type of affordable indoor footwear.


We will be using technology extensively this year. Please ensure that your child has an inexpensive pair of headphones, labelled and secured in a ziplock bag. If you are able to purchase 2 sets (i.e., Dollarama) one can be left in their morning and afternoon classes. Alternatively, headphones could be kept in your child’s backpack so they will have them for morning and afternoon classes.


Before students will be permitted to use technology at school, the Responsible Use of Technology Agreement must be filled out, signed and returned to school. Students who have a personal chromebook/laptop may bring their device to school to be used for educational purposes. The expectation is that the device is to only be used for educational purposes. The use of personal devices is governed by the Responsible Use of Technology Agreement.


Your child has received a personal school agenda. This is an invaluable tool as it is our primary form of communication. We will use it on a daily basis to help develop greater responsibility, ownership, and time management skills. Please sign it daily.

Please label your child’s belongings

Please help us by labelling all of your child’s belongings (yes all of them). Many children have the same brand/colour of boots, shoes, jackets etc. Every year many items go missing and it is nearly impossible to reunite missing items with their owners. All unlabelled items will be placed in the school lost and found (beside the gym entrance). Items that are not claimed are donated to local charities regularly.

Student Fees

Please remit these fees as soon as possible via Cash Online. The Grade 4 teachers are eager to plan exciting learning experiences for this year (i.e., Scientists in The School, Year End Field trip etc.). We depend on these funds to pay for these activities.

Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the Teacher Night is scheduled for Thursday September 20 at 6:30 PM. I look forward to meeting all of you then.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to communicate through your child's agenda or by phoning the school at (613) 692-6164, I look forward to working together to help your child have a wonderful year in Grade 4.


Mr. Lloyd Armstrong