Oconee County Middle School Title 1

This website will be continually updated throughout the school year. A Title I calendar can be found at the bottom of this page, and links to our Title I documents and our Title I parent events can be found on page menu on the left of this screen.

Please note that the window for feedback has closed. Thank you for your valuable input. The 2018-19 documents are posted on the "2018-19 Title I Documents" page.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The drafts of the 2018-2019 Title I documents are available for viewing. Please join us in the OCMS Media Center on Tuesday, August 7th at 7:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. to provide your input on these documents. If you cannot attend the meeting, the drafts and a feedback form are located on this page.

Targeted Assistance School Plan: The Targeted Assistance School Plan outlines and explains elements of the program such as: instructional strategies and programs, selection criteria, provisions for instruction, and procedures for assessment.

Parent and Family Engagement Plan: Each year, Title l Schools must develop a written policy describing how the school will support the important role of parents in their child’s learning. The Parent and Family Engagement Plan provides information regarding parental and family involvement, parent, family, and teacher communication, student achievement, and budget.

School-Parent Compact: The School-Parent Compact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement as well as describes how school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the State’s high standards.

Please provide any feedback for the drafts of the Targeted Assistance Plan, Parent and Family Engagement Plan, and the School-Parent Compact.