SAT & ACT Testing

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on testing in the 2020-21 year, students could not access testing sites, and many universities are now test optional!! This includes the UC/CSU campuses. Please check the individual admissions websites for admissions requirements before testing.

Juniors are encouraged to begin taking ACT and SAT tests in the spring of 11th grade! Taking them earlier will often result in less than favorable results - your PSAT will be the best indicator of your strengths and weaknesses and help you prepare for spring testing.

If your student has been diagnosed with a learning disability, accommodations can be made for the test. Please contact a counselor as soon as possible because it can take up to 6 months for approval.

Here are places to look for free test preparation help:

2020-2021 ACT and SAT test details

2020-2021 SATACT