The Ocean KAN is a modern, cross-network community that connects people from around the globe who are working to bring together scientists and stakeholders for the co-design of ocean science. We are a self-organizing and decentralized network where people share knowledge and support each other to better co-design ocean science, build and maintain effective networks, and address the many other challenges and opportunities that come from using science to inform ocean decision making.

Our Ocean KAN community does this through trusted relationships, a spirit of openness, and a willingness to experiment.  People are at the core of everything we do. 

Does your network want to become part of this vibrant and growing community?  Are you someone who wants to work differently, globally, yet personally?  Please reach out to us and let us know.

This is a dynamic website. Please check back for updates on the Ocean KAN and our collaborators.

What is the Ocean Knowledge Action Network?

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Where we work

The Ocean KAN is built from the ground up, working directly with on-the-ground partners working to co-design ocean science. Many of these partners provide in-kind resources, including staff that we work with to help them build capacity in a place or within a network and to actively curate how that network connects with the Ocean KAN. We have such partnerships with the Blue Economy Research Institute at the University of Seychelles, Academica Sinica in Taiwan, the Federal University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Ocean Conservancy (USA), the Tula Foundation in Canada’s Pacific Northwest, the University of Ghana’s Regional Marine Centre, Nelson Mandela University in South Africa, and the Center for Marine and Coastal Science in Malaysia.

An important aspect of our work is to create a space where our Indigenous and local community partners have an equal voice in all of our work. This includes day-to-day networking, the governance of our network, and leadership in our regular meetings and learning circles.



South Africa


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Our Community

Ocean KAN as your knowledge-sharing research partner

The Ocean Knowledge Action Network: Your Knowledge Sharing Research Partner

The Ocean Knowledge Action Network is a world-class research partner and can support transdisciplinary, international teams in knowledge sharing, networking, and communication. 

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Our financial sponsors and supporters

Our Sponsor

The Ocean KAN was created with the help and support of SCOR, WCRP, and the IOC.

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