What is Link Crew?

Link Crew is a high school transition program that welcomes grade nines and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience. 

Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, Boomerang Project’s proven high school transition program trains mentors from your senior classes to be Link Crew Leaders. As positive role models, Link Crew Leaders are mentors and student leaders who guide the grade nines to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school and help facilitate success.

What does Link Crew do?

Link Crew is a transition program with four components that contribute to its success:


High School Transition Program Promotes School Safety, Anti-Bullying

Link Crew's goal is to provide schools with a structure in which students make real connections with each other thus increasing school safety and reducing incidence of bullying with anti-bullying education. Through this program, grade 9s learn that people at school care about them and their success and leaders experience increased self-esteem as well as overall character development. Link Crew is the high school transition program that will increase attendance, decrease discipline referrals and improve academic performance at your school.


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