Welcome to WEST!!!


It's your grade nine year !!

This web page is all about things you may want to know as you navigate your grade 9 year. Please see the headers above for more information on specific things : ). We will be working all semester to make this site amazing for you. If you have any suggestions, please let your LINK leader know.

Intro from Admin.mp4

Welcome from our Principal and our Vice-Principals

West Carleton School Tour 2020 ‐ Made with Clipchamp.mp4

School Tour

West Carleton website : https://westcarletonss.ocdsb.ca/

Here's a school map to help you if you get lost!

Also don't worry, the shirts you see the teachers wearing in the video will be worn by your LINK Leaders to help you identify them. If you get lost, Ms. Pindar can usually be found in the library and M. Mountenay in room 112 (they're circled in yellow on the map).

If you'd like to download and print a copy of the school plan to bring with you, here is a great map. Please take a look at the entrances that you can and can't use.