April 20-26, 2020

The Music students have the opportunity to perform in CUBA!



NOTE: Any cheques that were not picked up during locker cleanout will be mailed home

Many of you have been asking about the status of the Cuba refund. Please see below with regards to your refund.

This was the payment schedule that was set up for the Cuba deposits

Sept 2018 - Deposit #1 $250 via cheque

Feb 2019 - Deposit #2 $500 via SCO

May 2019 - Deposit #3 $500 via SCO

Sept 2019 - Deposit #4 $500 via SCO

Feb 2020 - Deposit #5 $900 via SCO

  • The total paid should have been $2650. For those who have paid the full amount, you will be receiving a refund of $2530 as we need to deduct the cost of the $120 travel insurance.

Payments through School Cash Online

  • Any payments that were made through School Cash Online (SCO) will be refunded via SCO. You should see a refund on your credit card statement.
  • NOTE: It seems as though SCO can’t refund the 2nd deposit of $500 from Feb of 2019 since this exceeds their timeframe for refunds. You will be issued a cheque for this payment.

Payments with cheques

  • Any payments made in cash or by cheque will be refunded by cheque.

Example of a typical refund for this Cuba trip

For most of you this is what should be happening:

  • Deposits #1 & 2 will be refunded via a cheque or cheques for a total of $630*

* $250 (Deposit #1) + $500 (Deposit #2) - $120 (Travel insurance) =$630

  • Deposits #3-5 done through SCO will be refunded via SCO

What if I made some of the payments with cheques instead of SCO?

  • Any payments made in cash or by cheque will be refunded by cheque.
  • Example: Deposits #1-4 ($1750) were made by cheque, and Deposit # 5 was made by SCO

Result: A cheque for $1630 ($1750 - $120 (Travel insurance)) would be issued and

SCO would refund $900

How do I get my cheque?

  • At this time the schools are closed so we can’t process/access the cheques. Once schools are opened, we will let you know how cheques will be issued.

What do I need to do now?

  • Please cheque your statements to see if you have been refunded through SCO.
  • Please send an email to to confirm what SCO payments have NOT been issued.

We know this is a challenging time for all of you, and we want to get your money back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience during these uncertain times.



Due to the combination of continued labour disruptions, the limitations of our travel insurance, and now the possible threat of COVID-19 we feel it is necessary to cancel our planned trip to Cuba.

Parents will be refunded any deposits made at this point less the $120 for the travel insurance. Those who have paid the total amount of $2650 will result in a refund of $2530. For those who have unpaid deposits, your refund will be adjusted accordingly.

Please know that this was not an easy decision to make, but we simply could not risk parents losing their money due to the uncertainties at this time.


URGENT NOTICE for final Payment

Final payment of $900 is now due. The total cost of the trip is $2650. Some parents did not see the School Cash Online final payment in their account so a new list was created. This means that you may fine 2 requests for $900. Please DO NOT PAY TWICE. If you are unsure, look at your SCO confirmations to ensure that you have not paid more than $2650 for the trip.

The following documents are now required by DEC 9:



Please fill out this Parent consent Letter

UPDATE Please use the following information

Accompanying Person

  • Jason Sinkus
  • Teacher

Contact information during trip

Hotel Be Live Copacabana

Avenida 1ra entre 44 Y 46

Miramar, Ciudad de la Habana

Havana, Cuba

Tel: 011-537-204-1037


  • Confirmation of agreement to travel insurance
    • Send an email to that you accept the cost of $120 ($125 if 18 and older) for travel insurance


  • Send a scanned copy of passport picture page send to by Dec 9
  • If you do not have a valid passport, send proof/confirmation that the application is in process to Mr Caswell by Dec 9
  • A valid passport and a Cuban Tourist Card are required for entry into Cuba. Passports must be valid for 6 months after your expected date of return. Any passenger without a valid passport will not be allowed to board. The Cuban tourist card will be handed out to all passengers on board the plane.
    • Canadian Citizens – Require a valid passport.
    • Landed Immigrants – Require a valid passport and must also present a valid Permanent Resident Card.
    • International Students – Require a valid passport and must travel with a multiple-entry student visa issued by Canada to get back into Canada.
    • American Citizens – Require a valid passport and must contact the U.S. Treasury Department to find out if they qualify to travel under a General License, or if they must apply for a Specific License, and follow their guidelines for legal travel to Cuba: Link to Cuba FAQ


  • Guests will be staying in rooms of 2. Fill out this doc with who you would like to room with on the trip. Due Dec 9

Link to important dates and docs


The balance of the trip totaling $900 can be done through School Cash Online or with a cheque

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