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Visual Arts

"Art Café" Art Battle and Exhibit

December 14th, 2018

Our biannual Art Battle and Exhibit was a success! Ten grade 11 students participated in a live painting competition emceed by Canada's 2016 Art Battle Champion, Allan André. Thank-you to all of the painters who participated - this exciting event could not have happened without you!

Along with the art battle, over 500 works of art by students in grades 7-12 were on display. Our talented grade 12 art students presented their portfolio work and answered questions about their art and process. The event also included an art market, a silent auction, and an interactive "Kids' Zone" organized by the sheltered (ESL) integrated arts class. Many thanks to Youth Ottawa's Artistic Mentorship Program (AMP) which provided equipment and art event production training for our grade twelve class.

Check out the Art Battle and Exhibit page to find out about last year's events!

Grade 12 Portfolios

Interactive Kids' Zone

Art Market

"Bell Colours" Colouring Book

Fall / Winter 2018

The "Bell Colours" Colouring Book was a new initiative started this year. Artwork from 28 student artists in grades 7-12 were included in the book.

All proceeds will go directly to enhancing the intermediate and secondary visual arts programs. Thank-you to everyone who supported our student artists and programs by purchasing a book!

Interested in seeing inside? Go to the Bell Colours Colouring Book page to see some examples of images coloured by some of our purchasers.

Our second book, featuring artwork from semester 2 visual arts students, will begin production next semester...Stay tuned for more details!