Bell HS Dance

"Burnin' Up" Dance Showcase

May 23rd, 2019

"Perhaps"- Grade 9/10 jazz dance

"Welcome to the Big Top"- Grade 9/10 class dance

"For My Help"

"Emergency"- Grade 11/12 jazz dance

OCDSB Dance day

On April 24th, BHS dance students travelled to Earl of March to join in the OCDSB Dance Day. The students participated in workshops lead by professional dancers in the morning, and the senior students performed their jazz dance in the matinee show.

Hip Hop with Chris Favrin

In February, one of our BHS graduates, returned again to teach a hip hop dance to both the junior and senior classes. Thanks, Chris!

"In my feelings" dance showcase

December 12th, 2018

What a great show! Students from the dance classes performed in the end of semester showcase, where they showed off what they have been working on all semester to their friends and family.

"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"- Grade 9/10 jazz dance

"Fine China"- Grade 9/10 hip hop dance

Dancers getting ready backstage

"Fine China"- Grade 9/10 hip hop dance

"Skeleton Graveyard"- Grade 9/10 class dance

A special thank you to the incredible dancers, the always organized AV crew, and staff members who helped out along the way to make this show a success!

"Dances By YOuth for Youth" Project

The senior dance class participated in the "Dances by Youth for Youth" project, lead by The School of Dance, and performed their pieces at Arts Court Theatre on November 28th. With the guidance of a professional contemporary dancer, the students created small group dances based on a theme of their choosing. They had the opportunity to experience a professional tech rehearsal and perform their pieces in a series of shows for different audiences.

The junior class came along and did a workshop lead by The School of Dance, and watched the seniors students perform in the afternoon.


Explores themes of friendship and trust


Inspired by childhood dreams

"Lose Yourself"

Explores themes of manipulation and loss of control


Explores themes of life and death

Chris in our January 2018 Showcase

Hip Hop With Chris favrin

Bell HS graduate Chris Favrin returned to teach both classes a hip hop dance that they will perform in the dance showcase. It was great to have Chris back in the dance studio!

OCDSB Dance Day

All dancers had the opportunity to participate in the "World Dance Day" at Earl of March SS on October 24th, 2018. They participated in two professional-lead workshops with dance students from all over the OCDSB. What a great event! We are looking forward to the next Dance Day in April!