Happy Earth Day!

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day by helping to protect our planet and the animals that live here!

Cool the Earth is going VIRTUAL this year!

Although we are not in school for our annual Cool the Earth Assembly and Program, Cool the Earth, Inc. brings Koda and his Mama to you!

Pledge to take action with your family and Cool the Earth will donate to the World Wildlife Foundation to protect real Polar Bears!

Find out how by clicking here.

¡Cool the Earth también está en español!

Activity 1: Cool the Earth

How to Participate -

  1. Watch this Chapter 1 video.
  2. Go to the Cool the Earth website.
  3. The activities will become LIVE on Earth Day, April 22 through May 31!

Activity 2: Learn about Ways to protect the Earth!

Listen to the Read Aloud and watch the video below. What did you learn about protecting the Earth?

Remember: Check with your trusted adult to ask permission before you watch videos on sites like YouTube

Activity 3: Take a Flip Grid Pledge to Protect our Planet

What can you and your family do to protect the planet?

  • Look through the action cards below, then make a Flip Grid video to tell everyone what you and your family will do!
  • Click on the Flip Grid image the the right to watch my video and make your own!
  1. Sign into Flip Grid by clicking on "Log in with Google"
  2. Type your school email address and password. Your email address is your username@obenschools.org

Students can visit my.flipgrid.com to view teacher feedback.

Revised Coupon Book Online Learning 2020.pdf

Activity 4: Learn about Polar Bears

View one of the Polar Bear Cams on Explore.org. Some are LIVE and some are highlight videos.

  • Observe the Polar Bears either in the zoo cam or LIVE in the wild.
  • Write and draw what you see with the journal below or use a blank piece of paper.
  • What can you learn about Polar Bears from observing the webcams?

Email Mrs. D'Orio at rdorio@obenschools.org

Polar Bear Observations.pdf

Activity 5: Learn about Sea Turtles

Watch the video to learn more about Sea Turtles and how plastic can hurt their survival.

  • What did you learn about Sea Turtles?
  • How can we protect them?
  • Draw and write your observations using the journal below or write on a blank piece of paper.

Email Mrs. D'Orio at rdorio@obenschools.org

Remember: Check with your trusted adult to ask permission before you watch videos on sites like YouTube

Sea Turtle Observations.pdf

Activity 6: Kodable Beach Clean Up

  • Clean up the beaches and learn code here!

Click on the image to the right, then click "Play without Saving" to play. There is no need to sign in or purchase.

Using Sequence is important to programming. Create the path that your fuzz needs to clean up the beach, then add the arrow sequence to move the fuzz through your maze!

Activity 7: Be Creative!

"Care for each other and care for the Earth"

Using this theme, draw a picture, write a poem, build something with recycled materials, make a video etc. and submit it to info@cooltheearth.com.