Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee represents a commitment on behalf of QSLMA and the chapter executive to support the growth of its members in mathematics knowledge and practice.

The Professional Development Committee will meet these aims by:

  • allocating up to $5000 per annum available to QSLMA available to QSLMA membership for mathematics professional development in a fair and just manner;
  • increasing awareness of P.D. opportunities

Professional Development Funding Policy

Funding is available to sponsor QSLMA members in good standing. Eligibility is determined by the start date for the conference, workshops, and courses. In order to distribute duns as equitable as possible, the following guidelines will be followed:

  • A member may be sponsored up to $100 per fiscal year, beginning April 1 and ending March 31. Monies may be used for registration, accommodation, transportation, and course fees.
  • Applications are considered on a first come first served basis. Relevance to curriculum, and classroom application shall be considered.
  • Funding application forms must be forwarded to the Chair of the Professional Development Committee. Please note that QSLMA will fund any mathematics or mathematics education course take for professional growth or upgrading, including university undergraduate and post graduate courses.
  • To receive funds, within 30 days of conference attendance or completion of a course, members must include:
        • Completed and approved application forms (see below)
        • proof of conference registration, conference payment and for courses - course completion. Receipts must be uploaded to receive payment
        • a brief summary must be submitted as well

Applications without prior approval for completed conferences/courses will be considered as funds allow

  • Applications that are not accepted will be discussed at QSLMA executive meetings for further consideration if surplus professional development funds are available.
  • Members are reminded that additional funds may be applied for through the school budget, the Board's P.D. budget, and the Professional Growth Fund.
  • Members must follow the procedure outlined by the school principal for attending workshops/conferences during the school day.

Remember - QSLMA cannot give members permission to attend conferences during school hours.

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