12 Essential Questions for Building Gamified Curricula

LLI Memphis - 1:1 Next, July 17-18, 2017

Session Abstract: The word is out on gamification in terms of its positive impact on the psychology of learners. Gamified curricula can increase levels of student engagement and motivation, even when the curricular content is difficult to master. Many instructors, however, are not sure how to get started in terms of undertaking the large task of transforming how they design and deliver curriculum. In this session, we will walk through 12 essential (and practical) questions for building gamified curricula from the ground up, no matter what the discipline or content may be.

Presenter Bio: Jared Colley chairs the English Department at The Oakridge School where he also teaches literature and humanities courses in the upper division. A Texas native, he studied English and philosophy at University of Texas at Austin before receiving his M.A. at NYU in critical theory with a specific focus on interdisciplinary studies. For many years, Jared taught literature and history at various independent schools both in New York and in Oklahoma before pursuing his current career opportunity at Oakridge. A frequent speaker at various conferences across the nation, Jared enjoys presenting on topics like gamification, online collaboration, rhizomatic learning, and innovative writing instruction, and as a consultant, he has had the opportunity to assist schools with rethinking classroom design and innovation. During the 2016-17 school year, Jared served both as an ISTE reviewer for the annual summer conference and as a senior committee organizer for the 2017 LLI Southwest Conference. Most recently, he was named an OESIS Network Leader and will be helping lead the initiative to expand opportunities for personalized professional development in partnership with the Online Education Symposium for Independent Schools.

In terms of research, Jared is constantly exploring the potential connections among the following topics: contemporary French philosophy, brain science, and andragogic approaches to learning. Most importantly, Jared does what he does because he is passionately committed to the joyful work of building relationships with students both in and outside the classroom.

"Whoever teaches without emancipation stultifies. Whoever emancipates doesn’t have to worry about what the emancipated person learns." –Jacques Rancière

Pwning the Learning: Gamification in the Classroom


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