Boz's Documents

You open the box to find the following message stacked on top of a dossier full of documents:


Dearest Traveler,

Whether you know it or not, you are currently embroiled in the fight of the century, the fight for the very soul of European culture. There is a crisis of the European sciences at hand, one that involves a struggle for the hearts and minds of every thinking individual who walks the streets of any European city. And many of Europe's finest hearts and minds have taken a side, including you, whether you know it or not. Those that do know what side they're on keep their allegiances in the shadows, so be careful not to trust anyone too readily (including me). There's a particular writer of interest to all of us involved because his allegiances are not tied to either the "Friends of Fancy" or the "Philosophes of Fact." But do not be mistaken: he's fully invested in this struggle. In fact, he's called for a "Congress of Conspirators" to be held in Coketown (in secret, of course). There's something there he wants all of us to see. Before continuing your journey, take some time to research the background of this Charles Dickens fellow. You will find the relevant materials in the dossier.


A "friend" of the cause.


The letter's signature, once again, confused you. Cause?? What cause? And what side were you on? The only thing you could think to do next was examine the contents of the Dossier where you found the following:

1. Charles Dickens biographical documentary

2. Chapter One from Fred Kaplan’s Dickens: A Biography | Chapter Two from Fred Kaplan’s Dickens: A Biography

Select 1 of the following options and examine it in its entirety. When finished cite the work in a 1 paragraph composition that explains how Dickens's life relates to issues related to the Industrial Revolution. The assignment is worth 10XP, OR earn 15XP by making use of both sources #1 & #2 in a two paragraph composition and be awarded a Badge of Competency on Dickens's biography. Remember to turn in the composition to the Nest (or Google Drive).

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