En Route to England!

--departing from Dunkerque, France, 8 March 1854--

It's just after lunchtime on 8 March 1854, and your ship has departed according to schedule. When you arrive in your cabin to put away your bags, you notice there's a box in your room with a strange lock keeping its contents secure and inaccessible. Curious. Did the previous passenger leave it behind? Quickly, you decide to alert the captain's chamber to see if there's something that can be done. Perhaps there's a place to store lost luggage. However, when you knock on the door to the captain's chamber, a young man opens it, the captain's assistant most likely, and without hesitation, he says to you, "Oh excellent, I was told you'd be on the HMS Corgi. This was left for you." At the end of the young man's extended arm, he held a familiar looking postcard (much like the one you received back home in Nancy, France). This time the message was even more cryptic and baffling. Before examining its message, you look to the assistant with an expression of anxious confusion: "Did you happen to catch the man's name? Comte, perhaps?"

"No, the woman did not offer a name. Just this note."

"A woman, you say. French?"

"English, I believe." Hmmmmm. You can't recall any female English acquaintances, so you look down to examine the note:

What could it mean? Why was "friend" in quotes again? Boz??? The confusion only grew the more you stared at the note. You look up to ask for some assistance or explanation only to discover the door has been closed, and the young man is no longer there to answer the long list of queries that were racing through your head. Hmmmmm. Eventually you direct your attention to the word "boxes," and you suddenly think about the mysterious package discovered in your passenger cabin. What if the message was a riddle of some sort? What if the answer is the passcode to unlock the box's contents? There was only one way to find out...

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