En Route to England

--departing from Calais, France, 8 March 1854--

As you board the ship in the busy port of Calais, you notice many passengers are anxious and frustrated due to the delay for departure. Everyone is eager to get to Dover, but many people seem confused about what to do next. As a person with purpose you decide to try to be of assistance to anyone in need. As you move around the ship, you notice that most travelers, like yourself, are erudite scholars of the social sciences, which excites your interest greatly. Of course, you have your badge of competency (perhaps even your badge of expertise), but you don't want to pass on the opportunity to learn from the company of your fellow travelers. While traveling on the HMS Beagle, find at least 2 other passengers who have badges in other areas of competency and interview them while taking notes. For every person you interview, you will receive 1XP, and you may not speak to more than 5 people altogether. Demonstrate what you've learned from the interview by writing down at least 3-4 things that the interviewee shared with you. Enjoy the fellowship of like-minded intellectuals!

Make sure you explore the variety of scholars available to you. Some are well versed in the disciplines of sociology and positivism; some have studied the details of utilitarianism. Others have researched thoroughly the implications of the Industrial Revolution or the advent of Social Darwinism. Visit a variety of scholars for purposes of broadening your knowledge about all the foundations that make possible your future research in Coketown, England.

When you've completed the assignment, you will have arrived midday, 9 March 1854, in Dover, England. Be sure to check in with the GameMaster at jcolley@theoakridgeschool.org when landing in England. Safe travels!