Spoken Word for Empowerment:

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Arts-Integration

IS AN ARTIST, performer, and educator. A published poet, she has been writing and performing her own poetry and plays for over ten years. She is committed to using art to give voice to the world's unspoken needs and guides children to discover and speak their truth. She is pursuing an interdisciplinary master's degree in poetry, psychology, and education at NYU, which she will use to bring performance poetry curriculum and programming into educational communities.

In 2014, she launched her own brand, #ImNotYourEnemy Apparel, which began with the creation of 1 T-shirt to begin action-oriented conversations on how women of color can cease to break each other down and start to build each other up (#sisterhoodisaverb). The brand continues to grow since then and now is a movement pushing for more conversations and opportunities for women of color to connect.


Find new ways poetry can empower the voiceless, soothe the wounded, and disturb the status quo, setting all of us on a path to freedom

Pedagogical Approach

Arts integration, community-based, social justice, critical pedagogy, interdisciplinary