WTFNS 2019

WTFNS features leading researchers in the field of network science who come from a variety of social science disciplines. The goal of WTFNS is to garner constructive feedback from leading network scientists on work in progress, and to build a professional support network for members of the NYUAD community working in this area.

Keynote Speakers

Luxembourg University

Advances in the study of historical networks

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Temporal networks of human interaction

Vanderbilt University

From Chatter to Action: How Social Networks Inform and Motivate in Rural Uganda

University of California San Diego

Agency and structure in the genesis of network segregation

Monash University

The Value of Information in Technology Adoption: Theory and Evidence from Bangladesh

with Asad Islam, Philip Ushchev and Xin Zhang


The preeminence of ethnic diversity in scientific collaboration

Estimating spillovers using imprecisely measured networks

with Morgan Hardy and Tyler McCormick

Self-fulfilling equilibrium in social contest: expectation and neighborhood effects

The network formation origin of tribal societies

Web of lies - Lying in social networks, an experimental approach

with Kinga Makovi

Monte Carlo simulation of co-evolving social dilemma

Hiding in social networks

Job referrals and strategic network formation: experimental evidence from urban neighborhoods in Ethiopia

Co-occurrence Networks of Place in Literary Corpora