Michelle’s work can be found through the following journals and magazines:


  • Travel Latina: “Ir y volver son lo mismo,“ “Why settle when you can find someone to run wild with?”, Nerdy Thirty", and “Celebrating Love in Villa de Leyva”

  • Jumbelbook: “Cuban Mestiza”

  • The Bookends Review: “A list of my life’s most significant events in relation to my weight”

  • The Paragon Journal: “The Ethnically Ambiguous Girl’s Guide to Travel”

  • The Acentos Review: “A series of Facebook updates after Hurricane Irma”

  • Rigorous: “What’s the word for mourning someone you’ve never met?”


  • Chircu Journal: “15 Ways of Looking at a Latina”

  • Bridge Eight Press: “Conjuro for the Lonely Daughter”

  • Atomic Style Society: “How to Peel an Orange” and “Bus Ride” (Print only)

  • Gravel Magazine: “There is a multitude in me,” ‘Of Dora and Diego (a.k.a. Brown boy living)’ and ‘Self-Taught Motherhood’ (Print only)

  • Cosmonauts Avenue: “Movement”

  • Clockhouse: “The Flying Flor” (Print only)

  • FreezeRay Poetry: “Morticia Addams is a bruja” and “”

  • The Ear: “God moves in mysterious ways.” (Print only)

  • Azahares: “Eliseo,” “Sugarloaf Key,” and “My abuela was a seamstress.”

  • Cagibi Literary Journal: “Hurricane Season”

  • Rigorous: “Florida Gothic #4: No Sleep ‘til JAX,” “Genetics of a Brown Boy,” “Impostor Syndrome,” “Mateo Sings the Blues,” “My mother was a racist,” “Running Game at Bardog” and “Why do all interracial relationships involve white people?”

  • Noble/Gas Quarterly: “Giving Up La Lucha”

  • The Miami Rail: “Florida Gothic #1: The Colony,” “Florida Gothic #2: Hogar,” “Florida Gothic #3: I-10 to Lake City”

  • Badlands, Issues 2 and 4, “A Song for JP and Quireña,” “La Pata Caliente,” “Ode to a Papi Chulo,” “Ode to a Chonga,” “Guajira Trapped in the States,” “Arcelia Vega,” “After Fornicating with a Stranger,” and “The Ballad of El Negro Fantastico”