Software Engineering Recruitment Activity


Here at Cambria Heights Academy, we offer a Career and Technical Education Program in Computer Programming. Our students take six credits in programming (called Software Engineering), plus a Career and Financial Management Course, complete a Senior Project, and graduate with industry credentials. This includes Work-Based Learning opportunities, and the opportunities to receive a certification in Adobe Photoshop, college credit, and build a network of industry contacts who may serve as potential employers in the future.

Activity 1 - Binary Code

Did you know that computers take strings of characters (like the letters in your name) and transfers them into strings of number using only 0s and 1s? So when your computer is "crunching" numbers, it's literally transferring data into just two digits which tell the computer which letters or characters to display. This is called Binary code. Below is a chart of the alphabet and the corresponding binary code for each letter.

On your name tag, please transfer the letters in your first name into Binary code, using only 0s and 1s. Use a small space between each set of numbers. See the example spells the name "Tyray."

Activity 2 - Blockly

As part of the CHA screening process, we would like to invite you to participate in a block coding activity. Below you will find a snippet of Blockly's Move game. This is an introduction to Loops and Conditionals in programming. See if you can program your way to the end of the road. Each level increases in difficulty. When you're finished, take note of the last level you completed.

Activity 3 - Feedback

Please fill out the form below to give us some feedback.