Science & Technology Expo

Northcross Intermediate School 2021

Kia ora,

Welcome to the Northcross Science & Technology Expo site. Please explore this site to learn more about our 2021 Expo and to find everything you need to be successful in completing your project.

Remember that participating in the Science and Technology Expo will require you to be curious and excited about new learning, manage your time effectively, show commitment and perseverance, and be a self-reflective and engaged learner throughout the process.

You will work on your project over a 10 week period. During this time, you will research and develop your project ideas and investigative questions, run your experiments and trials (multiple times), analyse your data, reflect on your results and draw conclusions. Your final project can be presented as a display board, poster, slideshow or video. Just make sure your final format includes every aspect of the marking rubric.

There will be teachers to help mentor you. They will be there to support you throughout your project, to answer questions and check to see that you are on the right track and monitor your journal updates. If you have questions you can always speak with your mentor teacher, classroom teacher or Mrs Auths (Room 54).

Science and Technology Expo projects are due on Monday, 26 July (or earlier). This gives you a total of 10 weeks.

UPDATE: This year I am happy to announce that Northcross will be hosting their very own Science & Technology Expo. This will happen on the 11 & 12 September. More details to follow.

Finally, have fun and enjoy yourself. If you have any questions, please email Mrs Auths ( or visit her in the ILC/Room 54.

Slides from the Science & Tech Expo meeting

NX Science and Tech Expo 2020

Northcross Science & Technology Expo Booklet 2021

NX Master Science Expo booklet 2021.pdf

Science Rubric

Science Marking Rubric.pdf

Technology Rubric

Technology Marking Rubric.pdf