Displaying NWT Artwork in Space!

About The Mission

The Canadian CubeSat Project aims to inspire the next generation of space explorers. The Northern Images Mission hopes to contribute to this by providing exposure to STEM for all those that participate in the mission regardless of skill level and previous experience. The goal of the Northern Images Mission is to share artwork from the across the Northwest Territories with the rest of Canada and the world.

Two copies of the Northern Images Mission Satellite Payload sit on a blue mat waiting to be put into the satellite

Northern Images Mission

The Northern Images Mission brings your artwork to the edge of space! 

The Northern Images Mission (NIM) is an art-based outreach mission flown on AuroraSat. NIM will capture images of artwork displayed in orbit with the curve of the earths horizon as the backdrop.

AuroraSat, bright red and about the size of a loaf of bread, awaits final testing.


AuroraSat is a 2U Cubesat packed with technology!

AuroraSat is one of three satellites which will fly as part of the Northern SPIRIT Consortium. Next to AuroraSat will be YukonSat and Ex-Alta 2.

The Northern SPIRIT Logo showing the three satellites orbiting the earth with the Aurora Borealis arcing behing the space craft.

Northern SPIRIT

Northern SPIRIT shows what is possible when we come together to help solve each others problems!

Northern SPIRIT (Space Program with Innovative Research and Integrated Training) is a consortium made up of Yukon University, University of Alberta, and Aurora College. You can find out more about Northern SPIRIT here: 

The Northern Images Mission would not be possible without the funding and support of the following partners

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