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On May 18th 2017 a meeting was convened in partnership with the NwOESC and NWOCA in Archbold. We brought together people from K-12 Education, Tertiary Education, Industry and community members from all over Northwest Ohio to talk about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

During the day participants had the opportunity to share with their peers and the wider community some of the great things that are being done by teachers in areas such as Robotics, Forensics, after school and community programs. We heard from some famous companies like Sauder Woodworking and Spangler Candy who shared their difficulties in getting quality employees to support their growing businesses. Included in the discussion were colleges such as The Ohio State University who discussed their STEM program and Northwest State Community college who in partnership with companies like CK Technologies, Automatic Feed and APT are offering internship programs with on site instruction for current high school students.

STEAM Coalition

As a follow up, a smaller group met in September 2018 and decided to move ahead with what we are calling the STEAM Coalition of NW Ohio. This website will be a point of contact for persons interested in joining us in our effort to bring about change to education to embrace the 21st Century workplace.

Mission Statement

To promote the STEAM framework (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) to provide opportunities for students to explore and find their passion and successfully transition to the workforce.