WNBC Student News

We're dedicated to bringing you the news of our school every week. WNBC is taught and organized by Mrs. Boggess. Segments and weekly Announcements are produced by the students of the Northwestern High Video Productions II class. Students wishing to join the WNBC Staff should take the Video Productions I class, or talk to Mrs. Boggess.

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What is WNBC?

WNBC Is the Broadcasting Channel for the Northwestern High School weekly video announcements. Episodes come out every Friday and feature announcements for the school-goings-on as well as comedic and entertaining segments produced by staff members of the Northwestern Video Productions II Class. We work hard every week to bring you the best and most entertaining announcements we can. Keep watch for special holidays, as we often have something extra up our sleeves for those kinds of occasions.

2018-2019 Staff Members

Lisa "The Boss" Boggess

Mrs. Boggess is the teacher of the Video Productions II class, and head of the WNBC Staff. Her role is to facilitate the students in their process of producing their individual segments as well as the weekly announcements. She also administrates the WNBC Springfield Youtube channel.

Contact: boggessl@nwlschools.org

Devin Chen

Alex Coy

Tyler Gaus

Marley Hosier

Jeremy Howard

Olivia Lees

Brandi Muncy

Kaylee Parrett

Seth Patton

Abby Schutte

Karli Smith

Grace Storck

Brandon Sumner

Hannah Weymouth

Bry White

Logan Wildman