Tiger Time

Made up of 5th grade students, Tiger Time brings daily broadcasts to the students and staff at Weisenberg Elementary.

The broadcast studio is a way to actively involve students. It allows them to develop technical, organizational, research, design, and communication skills.

At Weisenberg Elementary we use the broadcast studio to:

broadcast school news

promote school wide positive behavior program

broadcast school announcements

broadcast upcoming events

Broadcasts are taped every afternoon. The broadcasts are archived on our Ustream channel. They will be ready to view every afternoon.

Here is a link to watch the broadcast:


Tiger Time Teams 2017-2018

Anchor #1 Reporter Anchor #2

Team #1 Nathan Kinzel Aidan Freeman Samantha Canseco

*Jimi Kukitz (behind the scenes)

Team #2 Cara Thomas Danny Netzband Emma Highley

*Kaytlin Dietrich (behind the scenes)

Team #3 Paige Bissell Mohammed Mahmud Addison Remaley

*Sophia Cornell (behind the scenes)

Team #4 Cole Hausman Leo Gonzalez Megan Romig

Team #5 Nora Silfies Colin Bair McKenna Burns

Team #6 Katie Lindsley Josh Muthard Danica Funk

Team #7 Matthew Kaas Sadie Lilley Devon Heinly

Team #8 Maddy Geiger Kaden Rausch Lexi Sargent

Team #9 Kirsten Esterly Eric Riggins Brendan Miller

Team #10 Sophia Penny Wyatt Ruhe Guest Anchor

Team #11 Rachael Wade Justine Gross Sarah Longenderfer

Team #12 Olivia Costa Patryk Ostrowski Siena Almonti