5th Grade Band

Instrumental Lesson Letter 2019.doc

Before-School Rehearsals

The 5th grade band will meet weekly on Tuesday mornings throughout the school year to prepare for the Winter Concert and Spring Concert. Please have your student meet me in the front lobby near the office between 8-8:10am on those mornings.

Band Rehearsal Dates Fall 2019:

Tuesday, October 29th

Monday, November 4th

Tuesday, November 12th

Tuesday, November 19th

Tuesday, November 26th

Tuesday, December 3rd

Tuesday, December 10th

*Concert Tuesday, December 10th 9:30am (students/staff) 2pm (parents)*

Additional Dates TBA after the Winter Concert

Lesson Days

Day A: Flute A, Clarinet A, Alto Saxophone A, & Snare A

Day B: Flute B, Clarinet B, Alto Saxophone B, & French Horn

Day C: Trombone/Baritone C, Trumpet C1, Flute C, Trumpet C2, & Bells

Day D: Trombone D1, Trumpet D, Trombone D2, Snare D1, & Snare D2

Greetings Parents!

It's that time of year where 5th graders may choose to expand their music education by joining the Weisenberg Band! I am hoping to have as many eager 5th graders as possible join the group and learn a new instrument. Located at the bottom of this page is a PDF file containing a parent letter that provides important information about the band program as well as an Intent Form that students can return to Mrs. Gacesa with their final instrument selection for the 2018-2019 school year. I hope you'll join the band this year and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Ever consider joining band? Here is an excellent article that details 18 benefits of learning to play a musical instrument.