Sharpen your study skills. Take an online course built by NVRHS teachers. Enroll in a massive open online course offered by the likes of Stanford, Harvard, and MIT.

Explore a wide variety of virtual professional development opportunities. Discover PD that’s timely, relevant, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about NVRHS initiatives and modern instructional practices. Consider new ways to support your child on the journey through high school.

Our Mission.

It is NVRHS’s mission to personalize learning for students, and to ensure that every graduate is prepared, confident, and ready to achieve success in the world at large.

These online learning experiences reflect just one of many efforts to embrace and promote 21st century learning practices.

What We Value.

NVRHS is one of just four districts in the state that have achieved the highest distinction awarded by Future Ready Schools NJ. Here are just a few of the FRSNJ indicators that are embodied by these online learning experiences:

Student Choice

Through the power of technology, student learning is no longer bounded by space and time. Students can direct their own learning, pursue their own interests, and exploring the fields that they are most passionate about.

Flexible Instruction

Flexibility of time and space can allow for an immersive, anytime – anywhere learning environment. Wherever possible, scaffolded support is provided so that all learners can thrive.

Personalized Learning

Students can work with teachers, counselors, parents, and the community to pursue their own personal learning goals during each school year, equipped with the resources and tools they need for success in life after graduation.

Extended Opportunities

Opportunities for learning that continue outside of the scheduled school day empower students. Students learn best when they are learning about topics that interest them, focused on their interests and passions.

About This Site.

The online learning experiences that are organized on this site have been curated and designed by local experts, as well as by experts around the world!

  • By Teachers - Online courses, built by NVRHS teachers!
  • By Students - Learning and tutorials designed by students!
  • By Administrators - Resources curated by the administrative team!
  • By Colleges - Online open courses offered through EdX and Coursera!

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