Class of 2018...Your Life:

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Hey, Class of 2018! Please use the navigation tools above to check out vital info regarding how to apply for college, work through your FAFSA and more! Keep an eye out here for the Google Classroom Codes so you can sign up to receive Scholarship Info and MORE! Always remember, YOU GOT THIS, and WE GOT YOU!!!

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Are you a Nevada Promise FINALIST? Check out WHAT'S NEXT!

Links to the Promise Scholarship is in the box to the right! Click it and get it done!


1. Complete the FAFSA (see Rawson if you need help, especially if you are DACA-mented or undocumented)

2. 20 Community Service Hours COMPLETED AND LOGGED INTO TOOL! (see link to the left).

Remember to keep track of your community service hours, and of when you logged them (keep screenshots and confirmation info)

3. Mentoring Program Meeting Completed - THIS WILL HAPPEN AT EAST TECH on Thursday, March 1st, from 7:30-10 AM. Put this in your calendars so YOU DON'T MISS IT!

Stay on track and you'll earn the scholarship! :)

See Rawson if you need help!

2018 Senior Project Packet.pdf

Here it is!

The 2018 Senior Project Packet!!!

Whoo Hoo!

First Step to COMPLETING the FAFSA!

Create an FSA ID for you and for your parent! (have your parent complete this process; and if your parent already has one for an older brother or sister already in college, they can use the SAME one for you!)

NEXT STEPS: Make sure your parent has completed and can access the 2016 Tax Returns ! The FAFSA window opens October 1st, and you will complete the FAFSA Application for the 2018-2019 School Year (or Cycle)!

How to Sign Up for the ACT 2018.mp4

Struggling to register for the ACT?

Check this out!

Public Education Foundation Scholarship Tips Video.MP4

Many of the PEF Scholarships are available starting November 15th and are DUE on FEBRUARY 14th! So, don't wait!!

Tips and Tricks for Scholarships!

The video to the left talks specifically about the Public Education Foundation Scholarships, but its advice will help you get great letters of recommendation and write amazing scholarship essays! Check it out - anytime!

2018 Understanding GPA FINAL FINAL Final.pdf
FINAL FINAL 2018 Letter of Rec Request Form.pdf

Are you an 18 YEAR OLD MALE STUDENT? If so, you MUST apply for SELECTIVE SERVICE. Click on the link and GET IT DONE!

It's quick, it's easy and IT'S THE LAW!