Mr. Hollowood

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Robert Hollowood is currently in his 20th year as a Clark County School District Educator. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Education in Educational Technology, Mr. Hollowood spent eight years in Primary Education, seven years as an Educational Computing Strategist and is presently in his fourth year as a Science Specialist.

Mr. Hollowood is a member of Staton's team participating in Southern Nevada's STEM Leader’s Academy out of the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology. This eight-member team is focused on strategies and techniques to create a high-quality STEM learning environment. Staton's goal is to become a Governor Designated Nevada STEM School.

Mr. Hollowood currently serves as Treasurer for the Clark County Education Association, is a member of Staton Elementary School Organizational Team (S.O.T.) and has a firmly rooted science philosophy; “Young children love to ask questions. They have a natural curiosity about the world. Rather than focusing on memorization of facts, my science class focuses on helping children investigate their questions. Every scientific conclusion began as a mystery. Someone wondered something about the world, and they set out to investigate it. We explore the questions that led to the discovery of facts.”

In his personal time, Mr. Hollowood is an avid football and basketball fan of his alma mater, UNLV. As a former member (1989-1994) of UNLV's Star of Nevada Marching Band and Runnin' Rebel Basketball Pep Band, Mr. Hollowood continues his ongoing passion for music of all genres.

Mr. Hollowood can be reached here.