How to participate

  • Competition Time:
    2021/6/25 10:00 - 2021/7/9 23:59(UTC+8)

  • How to participate:

    • Download Capture APP

    • Use Capture APP to record a video of a pet sleeping within 10-second (5-8 seconds recommended for Android phones), and send it to via Capture App (Enter your IG/Twitter account in the message box before you send it out)

    • Done!

  • Awards Information:

    • The organizer selects 9 of all participating films and 3 charity demo video for community voting.

    • 9 selected videos will be issued as NFT free of charge.

    • The top 3 votes will also receive bonus cash prize:

      • First Place:500 USDT

      • Second Place:300 USDT

      • Third Place:100 USDT

  • Evaluation standard:

    • Fun 50%

    • Particularity 40% (difficulty of shooting, animal diversity)

    • Video integrity (all Capture information is complete) 10%


Download App
& Sign up


Shoot the video add IG/Twitter account to the message box
and send to

via Capture App

Voting and Raffle Information

  • Voting Period:

2021/7/12 10:00 - 2021/7/16 23:59 (UTC+8)

  • How to vote with IG account:

  • How to vote with Twitter account:

  • After the event, 5 people from the voting audience will be selected at random, and each will receive a 30 USDT bonus.

  • Voting is limited to IG/Twitter accounts, and there is no limit to the number of votes (if you like every work, you are welcome to support all of them), but each account(including IG & Twitter) has only one chance to draw a lottery.

Notes on registration/voting

  • Notes for submission:

    • Entries are limited to 10 seconds. Each account can submit a maximum of 3 videos for the competition. Repeat registration is not allowed. Those who fail to meet the requirements will not be accepted.

    • After the competition is over, the organizer will notify the winners and prize collection information by email. Participants must make sure that the email address they fill in is correct when registering.

    • Entries must be photographed using the Capture App and submitted through the transfer function of the Capture App.

    • Entries must comply with the terms of this event, must comply with the use of Capture APP for shooting and use, must not violate good customs, and should be unpublished works (the definition of "published": print publications, public exhibitions, and other award-winning works of photography competitions; But it does not include the stickers on blogs, personal websites, Facebook and other social websites, and the publication of encouraging free works in the internal publications of the society.)

    • Participants must guarantee that the entries were taken by the participants themselves and that they own the copyright of the entries, and there is no risk of infringing on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others.

    • If the entries include third-party portrait rights, trademark rights, patents and other rights, the contestants shall also ensure that they have explained the content of the entries to the original right holders in advance and obtain their consent to authorize their rights to use the entries in the entries. The organizer, if any third person in the future claims to the organizer or the organizer’s partner to use its work without legal authorization, the contestant should immediately come forward and deal with it. If this causes damage to the organizer’s property or non-property , And should be compensated, including but not limited to returning the content of the award.

    • The content of the award is subject to the organizer. The winner shall not request replacement or transfer, and if the host or co-organizer fails to notify or send the prize when the prize is awarded, it shall be deemed to have given up if the correct and complete basic personal information or contact information is not provided. Eligibility for winning.

    • Anyone who participates in this activity shall be deemed to agree with and accept the provisions of this activity method. Anyone who violates any of the rules of this event will be disqualified from participating and winning, and the prizes already received will be recovered. The legal liability for copyright infringement is handled and held by the contestants themselves, and has nothing to do with the organizer.

    • Participants of this event who intend to confuse or affect the results of the event by malicious computer programs, fake accounts, violations of laws and other improper or violations of the fairness of the event, once discovered by the organizer or reported by a third party, Immediately cancel the qualification of the account to participate and win prizes. Participants shall bear all legal liabilities arising from violation of relevant laws and regulations.

    • The selected entries are deemed as authorized by the organizer to promote and publicize on the social network website by the way of BY-NC-ND, without additional compensation.

    • The top 9 winners are assisted by the organizer to issue Capture NFT auctions on the Lootex platform. The winners agree that the proceeds from the sale of the products should deduct the CaptureClub platform transaction service fee (12%) and transfer fees.

    • The organizer can adjust the number of awards based on the quality of the entries without notice.

    • The organizer reserves the right to interpret, modify and supplement the method, rules and award descriptions of this event.

    • If you have any questions about this event, please write to

  • Notes on voting

    • After the event is over, a lottery will be held. The winners will be contacted by IG/Twitter private message to receive the details of the prize. Please pay attention to the private message. If there is no response within 24 hours after the notification, the winning will be disqualified.

    • The organizer can adjust the bonus and lottery quota according to the number of voters without prior notice.

    • The organizer reserves the right to adjust and interpret the relevant rules of the event.


Why should I download Capture? Can’t I just take a photo using my camera app and send it?

Capture is a camera app that turns regular digital photos into "digital asset". We live in a time where seeing is no longer believing. We hope to re-establish the trust in images by using blockchain technology to capture pictures at the point of creation In a time where pictures are easily created and shared, a truly unique photo with sentimental value is hard to come by. Capture hopes to once again bring back the authentic and sentimental photo experience. By Capture, users can also be the first to experience the transfer of unique digital assets, sending and receiving "only this one" real image, bringing uniqueness and value back to the digital world.

Does the video have to be 10 seconds?

We know that the expressions of animals are constantly changing and fleeting. If there is only time to capture 3 seconds, as long as it is interesting enough, we will accept all the videos within 10 seconds!

After sending out the card, why can't I see what I sent? What is the difference between digital assets and ordinary photos?

For each captured photo, Capture App saves the creator and owner’s information. When you transfer a photo, the ownership will also be transferred, just like sending a postcard. Since photos are so numerous on the internet, we hope our users may feel the "rareness" that comes with digital assets.

Each photo generated by Capture is a unique digital asset, and its unique fingerprint will be registered on the blockchain making it traceable and immutable.

What can I use the Capture App for after the event?

You can continue to use the Capture App to share precious moments with friends! Content creators and photographers can use Capture App to establish ownership of their works. In addition, since the Capture App has the function of automatically storing information about the shooting time and location, you can also use it as a small helper in your life. For example, any event that may cause controversy, such as theft of pictures, car accidents, rental property, etc. You can use the Capture App to take photos for evidence when the incident occurs.

Why do photos collect time and place information?

In order to make the photo unique, it will record the time, location, photo owner and other information, and establish the "photo birth certificate" so that the photo can have additional information. This makes the photos' origin traceable and verifiable.

Can't find the answer? Contact us via IG messenger!