better data,
better decisions

Making sense of your data

We've all heard the saying "data trumps theory". But there's a catch. Bad data doesn't trump anything. Or at least, it shouldn't. We've all been at least surprised, and perhaps pleased, when an e-commerce site recommends something really interesting, but most of us have trained ourselves to ignore the hundreds or thousands of terrible recommendations made by that same site. And all those terrible recommendations are in spite of the zillions of dollars spent every year collecting data. In spite of all those cool AI and ML frameworks out there. In spite of the countless hours spent on designing, implementing and testing state-of-the-art recommendation systems.

What's worth doing for a small business sitting on a stack of data? Is that data any good? Can better data be collected? Can something useful be done with that data, at a reasonable cost, that will generate real value for the business?

Those are the kinds of questions that interest us at Nueva Consulting Group. Over the last 40 years, we've had the great pleasure of working with some of those businesses to unlock the value in their data and turn it into useful information to support decision-making.

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